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The positions of three elements A, B and C in the periodic table are shown below :
(a) State whether A is a metal or non-metal.

Group 16 Group 17
- -
- -
(b) State whether C is more reactive or less reactive than A.
(c) Will C be larger or smaller in size than B ?
(d) Which type of ion, cation or anion, will be formed by element A ?

Answer :

  • (a)? Since the valency of group 17 elements is 1 and all these elements accept electrons, thus A is a non-metal.
  • (b) C is less reactive than A because as we move down in a group, the reactivity of non-metals increases.
  • (c) C is smaller in size than B because B and C both are related to the same period and the size decreases as one moves from left to right in a period.
  • (d) A will form anion because it is a non-metal

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