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What is the need for a system of control and coordination in an organism?

Answer :

Controlled movement must be connected to the recognition of various events in the environment, followed by only the correct movement in response. In other words, living organisms must use systems providing control and coordination. In keeping with the general principles of body organisation in Multicellular organisms, specialised tissues are used to provide these control and coordination activities.

(i) Coordination is needed for all human activities like, thinking and behaviour. Our breathing process, hearts beats, we dance, read, write by the action of our nervous system. Our nervous system gets information from surroundings and processes it and then respond according to it. The endocrine system (hormonal system) helps in integrating various metabolic activities like reproduction, development, all reflex actions (cope up with various give up situations).

(ii)The hormonal system in plants helps in process of photosynthesis; they need carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. The stomatal opening in leaves opens up to allow in carbon dioxide gas, the roots bend towards water and the stem grows towards sunlight, the tendrils in climbing pants are supported by the hormonal system of the plant body.

Thus, we have need of control and coordination system in an organisms.

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