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What are the different methods of contraception?

Answer :

The different methods of contraception are as follow :
(i)Barrier method : In this method,during sexual intercourse condom, diaphragm and cervical caps are used which prevent the entry of sperms in the female genital tract.

(ii)Chemical method: In this method a woman uses two kinds of pills- oral and vaginal pills. The oral pills suppress the release of ovum in the fallopian tube. These are called oral contraceptives. The vaginal pills/ creams are spermicidal which contain chemicals that kill the sperms during their journey in the vaginal tract.

(iii)Intrauterine contraceptive devices: Intrauterine contraceptive devices like copper-T are placed safely in the uterus by a skilled doctor which prevents the sperms from reaching the uterus.

(iv)Surgical method: In this method, a small part of vas deferens of male and fallopian tube of female is cut or tied by surgery. It is called vasectomy in males and tubectomy in females.

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