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What are trophic levels ? Give an example of a food chain and state the different trophic levels in it.

Answer :

Trophic Levels : The several steps in a food chain in which the transfer of food or energy takes place are called trophic levels.

There are four trophic levels:

(i) First trophic level - Producers (Plants)

(ii) Second trophic level – Primary consumers.

(iii) Third trophic level - Secondary consumers.

(iv) Fourth trophic level - Top consumers.

For example : A food chain operating in a grassland is given below :

Grass \(\rightarrow \) Insects \(\rightarrow \) Frog\(\rightarrow \) Eagle

Here we have:

-Grass as producers.

-Insects as primary consumers.

-Frog as Secondary consumers.

-Eagle as Top consumers

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