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4.A parallelogram OKAY where OK = 5.5 cm and KA = 4.2 cm. Is it unique?

Answer :


Step 1: Draw a line segment OK = 5.5 cm.

Step 2: Draw an angle of any measure (let's say \(60^{\circ}\)) at K and cut an arc KA = 4.2 cm.

Step 3: Draw an arc with centre A and radius of 5.5 cm.

Step 4: Draw another arc with centre O and radius 4.2 cm to cut the previous arc at Y.

Step 5: Join AY and OY.

Hence we have OKAY as the required parallelogram.

No, it is not a unique parallelogram because the angle at K can be of any measure other than \(60^{\circ}\).

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