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3. Find the

(i) Probability of the pointer stopping on D in (Question 1-(a))?

(ii) Probability of getting an ace from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards?

(iii) Probability of getting a red apple, (see figure below)

Answer :

(i) Refer to fig. Question 1-(a)
Total number of sectors = 5

Number of sectors where the pointer stops at D = 1, because there is only one ‘D’ on the spinning wheel.

Probability of pointer stopping at D = \(\frac{1}5\)

(ii) Number of aces = 4 (one from each suit i.e. heart, diamond, club and spade)

Total number of playing cards = 52

Probability of getting an ace=\(\frac{Number\; of\; aces}{Total\; number\; of \;playing \;cards}\)


(iii) Total number of apples = 7

Number of red apples = 4

Probability of getting red apples=\(\frac{Number \;of\; red \;apples}{Total \;number\; of \;apples}=\frac{4}7\)

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