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4.A flooring tile has the shape of a parallelogram whose base is 24 cm and the corresponding height is 10 cm. How many such tiles are required to cover a floor of area 1080 m2? (If required you can split the tiles in whatever way you want to fill up the corners).

Answer :

Given that area of floor=\(1080 m^2=1080\times 10000cm^2=10800000cm^2\)[∵ \(1m^2=100cm^2\)]

Area of one tile= \(1 \times base \times height = 1 \times 24 \times 10 = 240 cm^2\)

So, the number of tiles required=\(\frac{Area \; of \;the \;floor}{Area\; of \;1\;tile}\)


\(= 45000 tiles\)

Hence, the reuired number of tiles=45000 tiles

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