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10.A company packages its milk powder in cylindrical containers whose base has a diameter of 14 cm and height 20 cm. Company places a label around the surface of the container (as shown in the figure). If the label is placed 2 cm from top and bottom, what is the surface area of the label.

Answer :

Given, Diameter of the cylindrical container=14cm, height=20cm, label placed=2cm from top to bottom.

So the height covered by the label=20-(2+2)=16cm

Radius of the container=\(\frac{1}2\times d=\frac{1}2\times 14=7cmm\)

Surface area of the cylindrical shaped label =\( 2\pi rh\)

\(= 2 \times\frac { 22 }{ 7 } \times 7 \times 16\)

\(= 704 cm^2\)

Hence, the area of the label on container =\(704 cm^2.\)

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