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5.A photograph of a bacteria enlarged 50,000 times attains a length of 5 cm as shown in the diagram. What is the actual length of the bacteria? If the photograph is enlarged 20,000 times only, what would be its enlarged length?

Answer :

Original length of bacteria=\(\frac{5}{50,000}cm\)

Given:Enlargement of 50,000times attains a length of 5 cm.Similarly for enlargement of 20,000 times let the length attained be x

Since, the two quantities are directly proportional so we have


\(\Rightarrow 50,000\times x=5\times 20,000\)

\(\Rightarrow x=\frac{5\times 20,000}{50,000}\)

\(\Rightarrow x=2cm\)
So, the required length is 2cm