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Q.1 What are the advantages of using CNG and LPG as fuels?

Answer :


1) It is commonly referred as green fuel because it is free from lead and sulphur, thus leading to the reduction of harmful emissions.

2) CNG is less likely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces, since it has a high auto-ignition temperature i.e., 540 degree Celsius.

3) The operational cost of vehicles running on CNG is comparatively low than other fuels.

4) CNG vehicle can run using both CNG or Petrol.

5) CNG is certified as a safe fuel. As it is lighter than air, so in case of leakage, it rises up and disperses into the atmosphere easily and evenly.


1) It exhibits clean burning.

2) It has high energy value and thus provides good flame control.

3) LPG is easy to store and doesn't have a problem of spillage.

4) Its maintenance cost is comparatively low.

5) It is environment friendly fuel with minimum sulphur contents & sulphur free emissions.

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