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Q.3 Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following.
(a) Wild animals
(b) Environment
(c) Villages (Rural areas)
(d) Cities (Urban areas)
(e) Earth
(f) The next generation
Answer :

(a) Effects of deforestation on wild animals:
Removal of trees and plant life from a particular area for the construction of industries, agriculture or for other such purposes is termed as Deforestation. Plantlife forms an integral part of the ecosystem and these plants form the natural habitat of various animals of that ecosystem. Destroying the plant life will ultimately threaten the existence of animals in that particular ecosystem and may lead to their extinction.
(b) Environment: Deforestation increases the temperature and pollution level of the environment. With the increase in the carbon dioxide level and a decrease in the oxygen level, it gives rise to global warming. It also lowers the level of ground water. Moreover, deforestation decreases the soil fertility and so, increases the chances of natural calamities
(c) Villages (Rural areas): The decline in rainfall, the decrease in soil fertility, and the chances of natural disaster affect the village life.
(d) Cities (Urban areas): Deforestation result in global warming. It also results in the increase in the level of pollution. Hence, deforestation affects the life in cities.
(e) Earth: Deforestation decreases the fertility of soil. It changes the physical properties of soil. All these changes result in desertification.
(f) The next generation: Deforestation will majorly affect the life of next generation. The next generation will face problems at every step. Climatic conditions will be adversely affected. There will be scarcity of food and clean environment. Next generation won’t be able to see most of the animal species due to habitat loss.