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Q.3 Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following.
(a) Wild animals
(b) Environment
(c) Villages (Rural areas)
(d) Cities (Urban areas)
(e) Earth
(f) The next generation

Answer :

Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees which includes clearing of the land for agriculture or grazing or using the timber for fuel, construction or manufacturing.

(a)Effects of deforestation on wild animals :

Plants forms an integral part of the ecosystem and these plants form the natural habitat of various animals which are also a part of this ecosystem. Destroying the plant life will ultimately threaten the existence of animals in that particular ecosystem and this may lead to their extinction.

(b)Effects of deforestation on environment :

Deforestation increases the temperature as well as increases pollution in the environment. With the increase in the carbon dioxide level and a decrease in the oxygen level, there is rise in global warming. It also lowers the level of ground water. Because the roots of trees and plants of a forest used to hold the water and thus maintains the ground water level. Moreover, deforestation decreases the soil fertility and increases soil erosion.

(c)Effects of deforestation in villages :

Deforestation results in the reduction of rainfall, decrease in soil fertility and also affects many factors which in turn increases the chances of natural disaster, thus affecting the people inhabiting in villages.

(d)Effects of deforestation in cities :

Deforestation results in global warming as there in an increase in the level of CO2 which is a major green house gas. As CO2 increases it traps more heat thus increasing the atmospheric temperature. It also results in the increase in respiratory diseases and cancer. Hence, deforestation also affects the life in cities.

(e)Effects of deforestation on Earth :

Deforestation decreases the fertility of soil thus changing the physical properties of soil. It also causes soil erosion thus increasing the chances of drought. All these changes result in desertification. Deforestation affects the wildlife adversely thus creating an imbalance of ecosystem.

(f)Effects of deforestation on the next generation :

Deforestation will majorly affect the life of next generation. Deforestation will result in a long term alterations in the climatic conditions that may even result in the extinction of life forms. There will be scarcity of food and a large amount of degradation of the environment. The coming generations won’t be able to see most of the animal as well as plant species due to their habitat loss.

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