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Q.4 List changes in the body that take place at puberty.

Answer :

Changes in the body that take place at puberty are as follows:

(i) There is sudden increase in height and weight of adolescents.

(ii) There is broadening of shoulders and widening of chest in boys while the region below waist becomes wider in case of girls.

(iii) Due to hormonal changes the larynx becomes prominent and the vocal cords become longer and thicker which causes the voice to become hoarse. In case of boys, this increase of vocal cord is visible and hence called as Adam's apple.

(iv) There is growth of hair in areas such as underarms, pubic region, face, hands, and legs. Boys grow moustache and beard while girls have a increase in the size of their breast.

(v) There is appearance of acne as a result of excessive secretion of oil from skin in both boys and girls.

(iv) Testis grows and starts producing sperms in males whereas the ovary enlarges and starts producing ovum in case of girls.

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