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Q.6 Salil wants to put a picture in a frame. The picture is \(7\frac{3}{5} \)cm wide. To fit in the frame, the picture cannot be more than \(7\frac{3}{10} \) cm wide. How much should the picture be trimmed?
Answer :

From the question, it is given that,
Picture having a width of =\(7\frac{3}{5}= 38/5 \)cm
Frame having a width of \(7\frac{3}{10} = 73/10 \)cm
The picture should be trimmed by = [(38/5) – (73/10)]
= \(\frac{76-73}{10} \)cm = \(\frac{3}{10} \)cm
Hence, the required width to be trimmed =3/10 cm.