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Q.5 Following table shows the points of each player scored in four games:

Now answer the following questions: (i) Find the mean to determine A’s average number of points scored per game.
(ii) To find the mean number of points per game for C, would you divide the total points by 3 or by 4? Why?
(iii) B played in all the four games. How would you find the mean?
(iv) Who is the best performer?

Answer :

(i) Number of points scored by A in all games are Game 1 = 14, Game 2 = 16, Game 3 = 10, Game 4 = 10
Therefore Average score \(=\frac{14+16+10+10}{4}=\frac{50}{4}=12.5 \)
(ii) Since, C did not play Game 3, he played only 3 games. So, the total will be divided by 3.
(iii) Number of points scored by B in all the games are Game 1 = 0, Game 2 = 8, Game 3 = 6, Game 4 = 4
Therefore Average score \(=\frac{0+8+6+4}{4}=\frac{18}{4}= 4.5 \)
(iv) Mean score of C \(=\frac{8+11+14}{3}=\frac{32}{3}=10.67
Mean score of C = 10.67
While mean score of A = 12.5
Clearly, A is the best performer.

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