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Q.5 Write the following equations in statement forms:
(i) p + 4 = 15
(ii) m-7=3
(Iii) 2m=7
(iv) m/5= 3
(v) 3m/5=6
(vi) 3p+4=25
(vii) 4p -2 =18
(viii) p/2+2=8

Answer :

(i) The sum of numbers p and four is fifteen.
(ii) seven subtract from m gives three.
(iii) two times of a number is seven.
(iv) The number m divided by five gives three.
(v) Three-fifth of m is six.
(vi) Three times p plus four gives you twenty five.
(vii) four time of p minus two gives eighteen.
(viii) half of p plus two is equals eight