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Q.3 Let l be a line and P be a point not on l. Through P, draw a line m parallel to l. Now join P to any point Q on l. Choose any other point R on m. Through R, draw a line parallel to PQ. Let this meet l at S. What shape do the two sets of parallel lines enclose?

Answer :

1. Draw a line l.
2. Take any point Q on L and a point P outside L and join PQ.
3. Make sure that angles at point P and point Q are equal i.e. \(\angle Q = \angle P \)
4. At point P extend line to get line M which is parallel L.
5. Then take any point R on line M.
6. At point R draw angle such that \(\angle P = \angle R \)
7. At point R extend line which intersects line L at S and draw a line RS.

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