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Q.1 Get the algebraic expressions in the following cases using variables, constants and arithmetic operations:
(i) Subtraction of z from y.
(ii) One half of the sum of numbers x and y.
(iii) The number z multiplied by itself.
(iv) One-fourth of the product of numbers p and q.
(v) Numbers x and y both squared and added.
(vi) Number 5 added to three times the product of number m and n.
(vii) Product of numbers y and z subtracted from 10.
(viii) Sum of numbers a and b subtracted from their product.

Answer :

(i) Y- Z
(ii) \(\frac{1}{2} \) X+Y
(iii) Z×Z = \(Z^2 \)
(iv) \(\frac{1}{4} \)pq
(v) \( x^2 + Y^2 \)
(vi) 3mm + 5
(vii) 10 – yz
(viii) ab – (a + b)

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