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Q.7 Dorji has a few bottles of soft drink in his restaurant. But, unfortunately, these are not labelled. He has to serve the drinks on the demand of customers. One customer wants acidic drink, another wants basic and third one wants neutral drink. How will Dorji decide which drink is to be served to whom?

Answer :


Dorji can use litmus paper to check if the drink is acidic, basic, or neutral and
can serve the correct drink as per the demand of the customers.

(i) If the drink turns red litmus to blue then that drink is basic in nature.

(ii) If the drink turns blue litmus to red then that drink is acidic in nature.

(iii) The drink which doesn't affect both red and blue litmus would be neutral.

2. Dorji can taste a few drops out of soft drinks bottles, the acidic solution is
sour in taste, the basic solution is bitter in taste, and the neutral solution has no taste.

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