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Q.9 Three liquids are given to you. One is hydrochloric acid, another is sodium hydroxide and third is a sugar solution. How will you identify them? You have only turmeric indicator.

Answer :

The following steps are taken to test the given liquids:

(1) Put a drop of provided liquid on the turmeric indicator. The solution that changes the color of the indicator to red, is sodium hydroxide, which is basic in nature.

(2) Now, to make two mixtures, add a drop of sodium hydroxide on the other two liquids individually. The drop of each combination added to the turmeric indicator one after another.

(3) The mixture that changes the indicator to red colour includes a neutral solution of sugar.

(4) While the mixture that does not show any color change in the indicator includes hydrochloric acid that has been neutralized by the addition of sodium hydroxide,

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