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Q.6 Following are some of the characteristics of animals:
(i) Diets heavy on fruits (ii) White fur
(iii) Need to migrate (iv) Loud voice
(v) Sticky pads on feet (vi) Layer of fat under skin
(vii) Wide and large paws (viii) Bright colours
(ix) Strong tails (x) Long and large beak
For each characteristic indicate whether it is adaptation for tropical rainforests or polar regions. Do you think that some of these characteristics can be adapted for both regions?

Answer :

(i) Diets heavy on fruits : Tropical rain forests

(ii) White fur : Polar regions

(iii) Need to migrate : Polar regions

(iv) Loud voice : Tropical rain forests

(v) Sticky pads on feet : Tropical rain forests

(vi) The layer of fat under skin : Polar regions

(vii) Wide and large paws : Polar regions

(viii) Bright colours : Tropical rain forests

(ix) Strong tails : Tropical rain forests

(x) Long and large beak : Tropical rain forests

No, these characteristics can’t be adapted for both regions as they are specific for a given region.

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