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Q.8 Explain, with examples, why we find animals of certain kind living in particular climatic conditions.

Answer :

(1) We find animals of certain kinds living in particular climatic conditions because every living organism is adapted to live in a particular habitat.

Animals of different kinds live in particular climatic conditions according to their survival and interaction with the environment. They develop their feature according to the area they live in.

For example, a polar bear is adapted for polar regions. It has thick skin and a layer of fat to keep it warm in cold conditions. However, with these adaptations, it will not be possible for it to survive in tropical regions where it is hot.

Similarly, a monkey is adapted to live in the forests with features such as a long and sturdy tail, loud voice, etc. These features are of no importance in polar regions where vegetation is very little.

(5) Thus, animals of a certain kind live in particular climatic conditions.

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