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Q.9 How do elephants living in the tropical rainforests adapt themselves?

Answer :

An important and widely found animal of Indian tropical rainforests is the elephant. It has adapted remarkably to the conditions of this region. Some of the adaptations are as follows.

(i) It uses its trunk as a nose so that it has a strong sense of smell.

(ii) Its trunk is also used for picking up food.

(iii) Its tusks are used to tear the bark of trees. It can eat the bark of trees.

(iv) The soles of their feet are covered with thick pads. These pads can handle their enormous weight. They also prevent sound so that the elephants can move silently.

(v) Its large ears have a strong sense of hearing. Its long ears help them in keeping cool in a hot and humid climate.

Thus elephant, the huge animal has adapted these few features to survive in the tropical rain forest.

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