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Q.9 Explain how soil pollution and soil erosion could be prevented.

Answer :

Prevention of soil pollution :

(i) Recycling of non-biodegradable wastes. Plastics and polythene bags should be disposed of properly.

(ii) Limiting the use of pesticides and insecticides.

(iii) Making dumping grounds of non-biodegradable wastes far away from fertile land.

(iv) Some waste products from industries and homes pollute the soil.
These pollutants should be treated chemically to make them harmless before they are disposed of.

Prevention of soil erosion:

(i) Planting more and more trees will result in the reduction of soil erosion.

(ii) By stopping deforestation and avoiding overgrazing of animals.

(iii) Reduce cutting down of trees or deforestation.

(iv) Using step farming in hilly regions.

(v) Mulch matting can be used to reduce erosion on the slopes.

(vi) Putting a series of fiber logs to prevent any water or soil from washing away.

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