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Q.8 Given below is a square of letters in which are hidden different words related to respiration in organisms. These words may be present in any direction – upwards, downwards, or along the diagonals. Find the words for your respiratory system. Clues about those words are given below the square.

(i) The air tubes of insects
(ii) Skeletal structures surrounding chest cavity
(iii) Muscular floor of chest cavity
(iv) Tiny pores on the surface of leaf
(v) Small openings on the sides of the body of an insect
(vi) The respiratory organs of human beings
(vii) The openings through which we inhale
(viii) An anaerobic organism
(ix) An organism with tracheal system

Answer :

(i) Trachea

(ii) Ribs

(iii) Diaphragm

(iv) Stomata

(v) Spiracles

(vi) Lungs

(vii) Nostrils

(viii) Yeast

(ix) Ant

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