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Q.2 Match the following:
Measures of Triangle Type of Triangle
(i) 3 sides of equal length \(\rightarrow \) (a) Scalene (ii) 2 sides of equal length \(\rightarrow \) (b) Isosceles right angled (iii) All sides are of different \(\rightarrow \) (c) Obtuse angled (iv) 3 acute angles \(\rightarrow \) (d) Right angled (v) 1 right angle \(\rightarrow \) (e) Equilateral (vi) 1 obtuse angle \(\rightarrow \) (f) Acute angled (vii) 1 right angle with two sides of equal length \(\rightarrow \) (g) Isosceles
Answer :

(i) \(\rightarrow \) Equilateral triangle
(ii) \(\rightarrow \) Isosceles triangle
(iii) \(\rightarrow \) Scalene triangle
(iv) \(\rightarrow \) Acute angled triangle
(v) \(\rightarrow \) Right angled triangle
(vi) \(\rightarrow \) Obtuse angled triangle
(vii) \(\rightarrow \) Isosceles right angled triangle