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Q.2 Change the following statements using expressions into statements in ordinary language.
(For example, Given Salim scores r runs in a cricket match, Nalin scores (r + 15) runs. In ordinary language – Nalin scores 15 runs more than Salim.)
(a) A notebook costs Rs p. A book costs Rs 3p
(b) Tony put q marbles on the table. He has 8 q marbles in his box.
(c) Our class has n students. The school has 20 n students.
(d) Jaggu is z years old. His uncle is 4z years old and his aunt is (4z – 3) years old.
(e) In an arrangement of dots there are r rows. Each row contains 5 dots

Answer :

(a) A book costs 3 times the cost of a notebook.
(b) Tony has 8 times the number of marbles put on the table by him.
(c) The school has 20 times the number of students in a class.
(d) Jaggu’s uncle’s age is 4 times his age and his aunt’s age is 3 years less than the age of his uncle.
(e) Number of dots in a row is 5 times the number of rows.

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