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Q.2 Construct a triangle of sides 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm and then a triangle similar to it whose sides are \(\frac{2}{3} \) of the corresponding sides of the first triangle.

Answer :

steps of construction

1. Draw a line segment AC = 6cm .
2. Draw two arc 5cm from A and 4 cm from C are intersecting each other on B . Join BA and BC .
3. Draw AX making an acute angle with AC.
4. Locate 3 point P,Q and are on AY such that AP = PQ= QR
5. Join CR and darw a line QC' which is || to CR
6. Draw an angle on AC'B' which is equal to angle ACB
7. Therefore, \(\triangle \)AB’C’ is the required triangle.

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