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In a huge park, people are concentrated at three points (see figure)

A: where these are different slides and swings for children.
B: near which a man-made lake is situated.
C: which is near to a large parking and exist.
Where should an ice-cream parlor be set? up so that maximum number of persons can approach it?
[Hint The parlour should be equidistant from A, B and C.]

Answer :

Let us join A and B, and draw l, the perpendicular bisector of AB.
Now, join B and C, and draw m, the perpendicular bisector of BC. Let the perpendicular bisectors l and m meet at O. The point O is the required point where the ice cream parlour be set up.
Note: If we join A and C and draw the perpendicular bisector, then it will also meet (or pass through) the point O.

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