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Name the following.

(a) Tissue that forms the inner lining of our mouth.

(b) Tissue that connects muscle to bone in humans.

(c) Tissue that transports food in plants.

(d) Tissue that stores fat in our body.

(e) Connective tissue with a fluid matrix.

(f) Tissue present in the brain.

Answer :

(a) Tissue That Forms The Inner Lining Of Our Mouth. (Squamous epithelial tissue)

(b) Tissue That Connects Muscle To Bone In Humans. (Tendon)

(c) Tissue That Transports Food In Plants. (Phloem)

(d) Tissue That Stores Fat In Our Body. (Adipose tissue)

(e) Connective Tissue With A Fluid Matrix. (Blood)

(f) Tissue Present In The Brain. (Nervous tissue)

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