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What are the differences between animals belonging to the Aves group and those in the mammalian group?

Answer :



They have their body covered with feathers which provides them thermal insulation and water proofing.

They have their body covered with hairs and the sweat glands are present under them.

They have a streamlined body which helps them in flight.

They don't have a streamlined body except for whales which helps them in swimming.

They possess a beak which helps them in preening and feeding but they lack teeth.

They don't have any beak but have a mouth with teeth which helps them in feeding.

They have pneumatic bones which are hollow and provides light body weight which is helpful during flight.

They have solid bones which becomes framework of their body.

Forelimbs are modified into wings which help them in flight.

Forelimbs are present as hands which help in various activities.

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