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Q6. Explain how animals in Vertebrata are classified into further subgroups.
Answer :

Vertebrata has two main subclasses namely, pisces(have a streamlined body with tails and fins which help them in swimming) and tetrapod(have four limbs for their movement.)
The tetrapod animals are further classified into:

1. Amphibia: The animals belonging to this group are adapted to live in both land and water. They can breathe underwater through their skin and through lungs when on land.

2. Reptilia: The animals belonging to this group crawls for their movement. Their skin is very thick and withstands extreme temperatures.

3. Aves: The forelimbs of these organisms are modified into wings which help them in their flight. They have a beak, and feathers that cover up their body.

4. Mammalia: The animals belonging to this group show nurturing skills as they contain mammary glands to support them. Their skin is covered with hair and most of them are viviparous in nature.