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10. Amit buys few grams of gold at the poles per the instruction of one of his friends. He hands over the same when he meets him at the equator. Will the friend agree with the weight of gold bought? If not, why?

[Hints: The value of g is greater at the poles than at the equator.]

Answer :

Weight of the body is given by the formula

W = mg

It depends on the value of ‘g’ i.e., acceleration due to gravity.

The weight of gold at poles = \( W_p \ = \ m × g_p \)

The weight of gold at equator = \( W_e \ = \ m × g_e \)

∵ Value of g at poles is more than the value of g at equator.

∴ Wp > We.

∴ the friend will not agree with the weight of gold bought because the weight at pole of the same gold is found to be more as compared to the weight at the equator.