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Write True or False. Give reason for your answers.

i) Line segment joining the centre to any point on the circle is a radius of the circle.

ii) A circle has only finite number of equal chords.

iii) If a circle is divided into three equal arcs, each is a major arc.

iv) A chord of a circle, which is twice as long as its radius, is a diameter of the circle.

v) Sector is the region between the chord and its corresponding arc.

vi) A circle is a plane figure.

Answer :

i) True, Because all points are equidistant from the centre to the circle.

ii) False, Because circle has infinitely may equal chords can be drawn.

iii) False, Because all three arcs are equal, so there no difference between the major and minor arcs.

iv) True, By the definition of diameter, that diameter is twice the radius.

v) False, Because the sector is the region between two radii and an arc.

vi) True, Because circle is a part of the plane figure.

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