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How will you separate a mixture containing kerosene and petrol (difference in their boiling points is more than 25°C), which are miscible with each other?

Answer :

Any mixture whose components differ in boiling points can be separated by the process of distillation . The following are the various steps in the process of simple distillation:

(I) Take the mixture of kerosene and petrol in a distillation flask.

(II) Attach a thermometer with flask with its head just touching the mixture and then heat the mixture.

(III) At first petrol will start getting evaporated as it has low boiling point than kerosene. We can also make an arrangement in which another flask is attached to the distillation flask in such a way that we can store the evaporated petrol in the other flask.

(IV) As the vapours of petrol advance towards the condenser, a drop in the temperature of vaporized petrol causes condensation of the vapours into liquid petrol which can be accumulated in the other flask.

(V) Now, petrol is evaporated from the flask containing the mixture and now only the kerosene is remained in the flask.

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