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Our Unique Approach


Online Live Class with Tutor 3 days / week

Live 1 to 1 classes is conducted between student and tutor 3 days / week where everything is explained in great detail and course is completed before time as per school curriculum


Two Subjective Test / week

Subjective Questions are chosen which perfectly matches students need and are aligned for better performance.These questions are not MCQs so they help a lot in improving school exam results.Tests are sent to student and they have to attempt it in certain time limit.

Answer Sheet Correction
Silly Mistakes Detection
School Pattern Scoring
Weekly Mentoring Calls/Emails to Parents

1 Test Discussion / week

On last day of the week two tests given by the students are corrected by Tutor and discussed in detail with student.Live discussion + doubt clearing session is conducted which is a one to one session between tutor and student where students can also write on the screen and share their doubts/work etc which is resolved by Tutor immediately

Proper Handwritten Notes


We provide proper hand written notes which are written by the same tutor who takes the classes after every online session. These notes are organised chapter wise in our application and is available for download 24/7 for the student.Notes are also updated regularly after each session.

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Standard 4 - 8

5300 / month

  • 3 weekly Classes
  • 1 day test
  • 1 day discussion
  • Subjects - Maths and Science

Class 9 - 10

5700 / month

  • 3 weekly Classes
  • 1 day test
  • 1 day discussion
  • Subjects - Maths and Science

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