Refund and Cancellation Policy of Trustudies

Refund Policy: Trustudies

General Terms

This is to inform that the following refund policy is applicable on all types of products and services given by or app of trustudies or by representatives of trustudies.

From here after of trustudies/ will be referred to as we/us/our

Using/Purchasing any product/service of us automatically makes you/customer agree and acknowledge this refund policy. So, It is requested for our customers to have a look at our refund policy

Refund Policy Terms

we offer no refund policy to customers for any products or services purchased. In almost all cases refund requests made by customers will not be entertained

Why We offer no refunds

We always provide a free demo class before a customer purchases our products or services so that customer make their choice

We don't have any annual payment and most of the customers buy our monthly packages and pay per month. Since these payments are done on a monthly basis customers always have a choice to cancel after a month

Severe Cases Where Refund is Offered

In almost all cases refund is not offered but in a few cases where some wrong commitment has been made to customers by our representatives or in case we are not able to provide service for more than 60 days refund can be offered

How to Claim Refund

Customers can claim refunds as per the given policy for cases mentioned above by mailing to

Refunds acceptance or rejection will be reverted on mail within 45 days

Other Queries

If customers have any other queries they can contact us at