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Explain the following giving examples.

(a) Saturated solution

(b) Pure substance

(c) Colloid

(d) suspension

Answer :

(a) Saturated solution: It is the state of a solution at a specific temperature when a solute is no more soluble in the solvent at that present temperature. Solute will be again soluble in solvent only with an increase in the temperature. Example: Excess carbon leaves off as bubbles from the carbonated water solution which is already saturated with carbon.

(b) Pure substance: A substance that comprises of only one kind of molecules, atoms or particles is called as pure substance. Example: Sulphur, diamond etc

(c) Colloid: A colloid is a homogenous non-crystalline substance in which the size of solute particles are bigger than that of the true solution. Example: Blood, Ink.

(d) Suspension: It is a heterogeneous mixture that comprises of solute particles that are large enough to settle down. E.g. paints, etc.

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