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2.Mrs Kaushik has a square plot with the measurement as shown in the figure. She wants to construct a house in the middle of the plot. A garden is developed around the house. Find the total cost of developing a garden around the house at the rate of ₹ 55 per \(m^2\).

Answer :

We have the area of the square plot =\( side \times side = 25 m \times 25 m = 625 m^2\)

Area of the rectangular house =\( l \times b = 20 m \times 15 m = 300 m^2\)

Therefore, Area of the garden to be developed = Area of the plot – Area of the house = \(625 m^2 – 300 m^2 = 325 m^2\)

Cost of developing the garden = \(₹ 325 \times 55 = ₹ 17875\)

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