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Do you find that all living beings need the same kind of food?

Answer :

No, all living beings do not need the same kind of food. Because any living beings have other habits of eating. There are three types of animals on the basis of eating habits.

(i) Herbivores: - Those animals which eat plants and products of the plant are called herbivores. Because they have wide and strong teeth which are not able to eat flesh or meat.

Examples: - Cow, Goat, Buffalo, etc.

(ii) Carnivores: - Those animals which eat other animal and flesh are called carnivores. Because they have sharp and pointed teeth which allow eating flesh or meat.

Examples: - Lion, tiger, hyena, etc.

Omnivores: - Those animals which eat plant product and flesh both are called omnivores. Because they have both types of teeth which are, allow to eat flesh and any product of a plant.

Examples: - human, cat, dog, etc.

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