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For the following statements, write T for true and F for false.

(a) J.J. Thomson proposed that the nucleus of an atom contains only nucleons.

(b) A neutron is formed by an electron and a proton combining together. Therefore it is neutral.

(c) The mass of an electron is about \(\frac{1}{2000} \) times that of proton.

(d) An isotope of iodine is used for making tincture iodine, which is used as a medicine.

Answer :

(a) J.J. Thomson Proposed That The Nucleus Of An Atom Contains Only Nucleons. (False)

(b) A Neutron Is Formed By An Electron And A Proton Combining Together Therefore It Is Neutral. (False)

(c) The Mass Of An Electron Is About 1/2000 Times That Of Proton. (True)

(d) An Isotope Of Iodine Is Used For Making Tincture Iodine, Which Is Used As A Medicine. (True)

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