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Spoken English

Our Unique Approach

Home Tuition for 3 days / week

Offline 1 to 1 home tuition is conducted between student and tutor 3 days / week where everything is explained in great detail and course is completed before time as per school curriculum


1 Subjective Test / week

Subjective Questions are chosen which perfectly matches students need and are aligned for better performance.These questions are not MCQs so they help a lot in improving school exam results.Tests are sent to student and they have to attempt it in certain time limit.


1 Spoken English Class / week

Online group spoken english cum personality development class is conducted in a small batch size of only 6 students to improve overall communication and personality of students

Answer Sheet Correction
Silly Mistakes Detection
School Pattern Scoring
Weekly Mentoring Calls/Emails to Parents

1 Test Discussion / week

On last day of the week two tests given by the students are corrected by Tutor and discussed in detail with student.Live discussion + doubt clearing session is conducted which is a one to one session between tutor and student where students can also write on the screen and share their doubts/work etc which is resolved by Tutor immediately

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Standard 4 - 8

5000 / month

  • 3 weekly Classes
  • 1 day test
  • 1 day discussion
  • 1 day spoken english
  • Subjects - Maths,Science,English & S.St

Class 9 - 10

5500 / month

  • 3 weekly Classes
  • 1 day test
  • 1 day discussion
  • 1 day spoken english
  • Subjects - Maths,Science & English

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